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26 Jul 2013


05 Dec 2012

December Sale!

KCCB Koh Chang Charming Cliff Beach ethos lie in cohabiting with nature, we strive to maintain the rainforest within the ground while providing the highest standard of service.The area has been designated a rich ozone area with indigineuos fauna and flora growing in abundance in this area, this is only possible because of the clarity of the air here at KCCB Koh Chang Cliff Beach. We place great value in the local community thats why we hire local people from underpriveliege background and the majority of our staff comes from uneducated background from the surrounding vicinity.

Your stay with us is not only providing our staff with the opportunity to work it also provide a steady income for their families and what they lack in knowledge they make up for in their passion to help our guests. We have the highest staff to guest ratio on Koh Chang and this is only possible because we try to maintain our family thank you for staying with us and welcome to our family, we may not be hotelier but our hospitality has all the warmth of a happy family we hope you enjoy your stay with us.

With every delight at your fingertips, the true spirit of escape is undeniably natural here. Nestled within the surroundings are 2 swimming pools, one ideal for children, and one cliff-top infinity pool which host an amazing sunset view point! Families will enjoy activities such as boat rides, beach visits and elephant riding to name but a few, whereas the more adventurous traveler can experience guided treks through Koh Chang Natural Park, water sports and scuba diving. Dining options range from delightful tastes of the Thailand, in our own relaxing restaurant or in the privacy of your own terrace, to the various international foods available within the vicinity.

A glimpse of paradise, this is truly a home away from home.